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The hospitality market is experiencing constant growth - and not only in traditional hotel or accommodation facilities.

In fact, in recent years the demand for short and flexible stays has increased exponentially.
Those who travel for tourism, vacation, study or work are increasingly interested in alternative hospitality solutions in:

  • cities of art
  • tourist or historical attractions
  • university areas

Growing market

According to statistics, in Italy there are more than 6 MILLION vacant second homes. An untapped asset for many owners, who are often not adequately informed about potential market opportunities. According to data released by the Italian press, in 2018, the non-hotel accommodation market in Sardinia grew by 33% and Cagliari alone had turnover of over 5 million euros in just three months, an uptick of more than 30% compared to the previous year.


If well-managed, short-term rentals offer many more advantages than traditional rentals. Compared to traditional long-term rentals, owners can earn up to 50% more, on average. In addition, they are free to choose when to rent and when to reserve the property for personal use, with utmost flexibility.

  • flexible use of the property
  • higher returns
  • shorter time-frame to regain access to the property

Short-term rental is a solution that guarantees an additional source of income for second homeowners, without the hassle and restrictions of long-term rental. Furthermore, it offers the possibility to EARN with utmost FLEXIBILITY, whilst retaining the AVAILABILITY of your property.


Managing a single short-term rental property can be quite demanding. In fact, many properties remain unproductive because the owners do not have the time to deal with the many requirements of short-term rentals:

  • modernization and beautification improvements
  • tax, bureaucratic and administrative practices
  • customer support
  • visibility on online channels
  • rates and reservations
  • tcleaning and maintenance
  • Etc..

Do not miss out on earnings for lack of time!


Entrust your property to our care and benefit from ALL THE ADVANTAGES OF OUR SERVICE!

  • competitive evaluation
  • 100% personalized attention.
  • dynamic rate management
  • maximum online visibility to attract the desired target customer
  • customer satisfaction and positive reviews
  • guaranteed good condition of the property to preserve the value of your investment

An all-inclusive service ...

By enlisting our services, you can count on our full support for tax, administrative and bureaucratic procedures. Our team operates in the market according to the highest standards of the industry, carefully managing every part of the process to maximize the conditions for shared success.

... stand out in the market

Guests are not only looking for a place to stay, but also a positive and satisfying experience. Focusing on quality service and enhancing the strengths of the area are the secrets to becoming a desirable location.
For each destination, we study a customized solution to enhance the unique qualities of your property!

mi casa su casa

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